Competitive - Franchisee of the Year

The Participant will be required to submit a proposal in accordance to the judging criteria listed below. Evaluation of the Participant will be based on the same criteria.

Franchisee of the Year

Component Weightage (%)
1. Franchise Profile 5
2. Development Plans 10
3. Franchise Operations 35
4. Communications 25
5. Internal Operations 15
6. Financial Performance 10

1. Franchise Profile

  1. Brief description of the Franchise
  2. Vision & Goal for the Franchise
  3. How were they introduced to the Franchise concept
  4. Organisation Structure

2. Development Plans

Were there efforts in assessing and comparing the profit potential of different outlets? Is there any business plan in place?

3. Franchise Operations

Describe how the brand identity of the Franchisor was upheld and if operations are strictly carried out according to the Franchisor's Franchise Manual.

4. Communications

Are issues communicated regularly with the Franchisor and recommended actions promptly taken?

5. Internal Operations

Are there any suggestions to better improve the Franchise operations, e.g. way of business, efficiency etc. Elaborate if these were adopted by the Franchisor.

6. Financial Performance

Provide the financial information for the past 3 years and describe the overall financial performance and achievements as a Franchisee.For a young Franchisee with less than 3 years of Franchise experience, please provide the most recent financial figures.