Competitive - Franchisor Category

The Participant will be required to submit a proposal in accordance to the judging criteria listed below. Evaluation of the Participant will be based on the same criteria.


    Component Weightage (%)
    1. Strategy 15
    2. System 25
    3. Marketing 20
    4. Franchise Relations 25
    5. Franchise Performance 15

    Component Weightage (%)
    1. Strategy 15
    2. System 30
    3. Marketing 20
    4. Franchise Relations 10
    5. Franchise Performance 25

    Component Weightage (%)
    1. Strategy 15
    2. System 15
    3. Marketing 15
    4. Franchise Relations 10
    5. Franchise Performance 15
    6. International Franchise Growth 30

1. Strategy

Much of the growth in the next decade will come from expansion of the franchise network. Without the ability to delegate, think strategically and use sophisticated management tools, expansion can be a nightmare instead of an opportunity. Evaluation for this component will be based on the following:

  1. Profile of the Franchise Business
    1. History
    2. Vision & Mission
    3. Goals & Value Proposition
    4. Business Expansion Strategy over the next 3 years
  2. Franchise Concept
    State and elaborate on the franchise concept, taking into consideration its uniqueness, sustainability and scalability.
  3. Intellectual Property (IP)
    How is the IP of the franchise concept managed? Are there allocated resources to strengthen and protect the IP?
  4. Organisation Structure
    Elaborate on the internal management of resource allocation, structure for support, as well as external strategies such as strategic partners.
  5. Franchisee Sign-up Process
    Describe in details the franchisee selection process, key activities involved, and documents provided to prospective franchisees.

2. System

Describe the management and operations support given to your franchisees, including communications channels and assistance in various key areas below, if any (except for branding & marketing which is covered in a separate component):

  • Operations Manual
  • Communication between Franchisor and Franchisees
  • Training Programme
  • Outlet Set-up & Procurement of Supplies
  • Quality & System Control Tools
  • Research & Development
  • Financial Management
  • Performance Management
  • Legal
  • Information System
  • Staff Management

3. Marketing

To develop appropriate tactics to penetrate new markets, important information such as market size and share, demand, projected sales and competition should be gathered.

Describe the marketing and promotion strategies and how you work with your franchisees to achieve them.

  1. Brand Strategy
    1. Brand Vision & Mission
    2. Corporate Identity
    3. Branding Guidelines
  2. Marketing Strategy for
    1. Product
    2. Pricing
    3. Promotion
    4. Place
    5. Social Responsibility

4. Franchise Relations

One critical element in building a successful franchise is to establish a strong franchisor and franchisee relationship. How can you motivate your franchisees? What are the signs that things are not going well? How do you provide training and other support to ensure a win-win relationship with your franchisees?

  1. Franchisee’s level of involvement with regards to the Franchise system
  2. Any dispute resolution mechanism in place?

5. Franchise Performance

Provide the financial information for the past 3 years and describe the overall financial performance and achievements as a Franchisor.

6. International Franchise Growth*

State the extent of the international growth over the last 3 years with indication on the number of countries the business is in. Elaborate on the quality of the Master Franchisee in the newly opened markets.

*Applies only to the International Franchisor of the Year Award