Recognition - Franchise Community Involvement Award

The Participant will be required to submit a proposal in accordance to the judging criteria listed below. Evaluation of the Participant will be based on the same criteria.

Franchise Community Involvement Award

Component Weightage (%)
1. Background of Franchise Business 5
2. Community Involvement 30
3. Rationale of Community Involvement 20
4. Impact of Community Involvement 35
5. Future Plans 10

1. Background of Franchise Business

  1. History
  2. Vision & Mission
  3. Goals & Value Proposition
  4. Products & Services provided
  5. Franchisee structure / number of franchisees (if applicable)
  6. People Structure
  7. Performance Information
  8. Major achievements / milestones (if any)

2. Community Involvement

  1. Explain the areas your franchise business and/or franchisee business contribute to in the community and the nature of your involvement
  2. Explain how franchisee involvement is fostered and supported by your franchisor organization
  3. Explain how this community involvement assists the organisations and/or the local community, including any notable examples.

3. Rationale of Community Involvement

Explain how you plan and decide on the areas, level and types of involvement that you make. This may include how you expect such involvement to contribute to your business success, the success of your franchisees, and people.

4. Impact of Community Involvement

Explain the impact your community involvement has on your franchise and/or franchisee business.

5. Future Plans

Elaborate on the plans your franchise and/or franchisee business have for further community involvement for the next 12 months.