Franchisee Of The Year


Ms Agnes Tan



Having worked with customers for over three decades before stepping into the convenience business in 2012, Agnes gained confidence to handle the challenges of building up her own business.

During a visit to the Franchising and Licensing Asia Exhibition in 2010, she came across 7-Eleven’s booth and gathered more information about its franchise program. After some research and consideration together with her family, she set out to begin her franchising journey.

Agnes took over her first 7-Eleven franchised store in August 2012 with an ambitious goal to surpass company sales figures by 20%. Within three months of taking over, she had managed to hit her target. This impressed the management so much that she was offered a second store to franchise.

Never looking back, Agnes now operates three franchised stores and another store is in the pipeline for takeover in 2017. After learning the many lessons over the past five years, she still chose to not shy away from further improvements in order to keep herself nimble as she expands her portfolio as a 7-Eleven franchisee.