Franchisee Of The Year


Geláre was founded in 1986 with the opening of their first store in Fremantle, Western Australia, specialising in gourmet ice cream.

Produced with fresh milk and cream, using top quality ingredients and advanced ice cream manufacturing technology, Geláre ice cream is creamier, thicker and more intensely flavoured. Their product range expanded to include bake-to-order waffles that become a divine match with their much-loved ice cream.

Beyond a place for dessert, Geláre has now grown into a cafe that serves full meals such as premium pastas, sandwiches, salads, freshly brewed coffee and other hot food items - making them the ultimate place for customers to treat themselves.

Geláre takes great pride in providing exceptional franchise opportunities. They strive to provide their franchisees with the tools, knowledge and skills to run a great local business, and they encourage franchisees to learn the skills that allow them to own and operate in various locations.