President’s Message

Mr Andrew Khoo


Franchising and Licensing Association (Singapore)

New trends of franchising are emerging as a result of changing customer demographics including the millennial generation, dual income households and an active lifestyle. In Singapore, businesses have affirmed that franchising is still their preferred business model in growing their brands and concepts internationally. In these exciting times, the Franchising and Licensing Association (FLA) recognizes the growing diversity of franchise in different segments of the industry and indeed, different and emerging industries of the new economy.

FLA stands by its philosophy to nurture and develop Singapore’s franchising and licensing industry, and the results and progress of our homegrown franchisors both locally and globally remains promising. Through the support of Government Agencies, FLA will embark on a holistic 3 year programme to transform industries and sectors through the internationalization of over 100 Singapore brands. The 4 segments to help internationalization include industry road mapping, building franchise capabilities, accelerating the internationalization of enterprise and the positioning of FLA as a thought leader.

FLA is developing a competency framework for the franchising and licensing industry to strengthen and endorse Singapore brands venturing abroad through the appropriate quality accreditation mark. We believe this new framework will propel Singapore businesses to greater heights by equipping and empowering franchisors and licensors with an accreditation of their quality and value in the industry.

For more that 15 years now, the FLA Awards serves as a platform to recognize companies that have displayed outstanding management of their franchising or licensing system. From conceptualising to the effective implementation of the system, the FLA Awards was created to help industry enhance their brand value and concepts both locally and internationally. The Awards also function as a benchmark to businesses in all industry segments. More details on the various award categories can be found in this entry kit.

My greatest desire is to see another year of phenomenal growth in the franchising and licensing industry and for Singapore companies to be ready for the exciting challenges ahead as they take the leap to expand their business internationally.