Japan IPL Express

Promising Franchisor Of The Year


Japan IPL Express was founded in 2013 by successful entrepreneurs and businessmen, Mr. Rich Sng and Mr. Jonathan Lim. Together, they devised a concept new to the beauty industry, to provide top quality beauty services without the use of hard selling methods.

As the new leader in the local IPL industry, Japan IPL Express is committed to giving fuss-free, quality services and great value to its clients.

The existence of Japan IPL Express relies heavily on accommodating to each and every one of its customers’ needs, through taking ownership and seeking opportunities to further enhance its clients’ experience. The price point and convenient locations are key to its success.

Japan IPL Express went through extensive rebranding and unveiled its new look in September 2014. Since then, Japan IPL Express has rapidly expanded to 6 outlets locally and 2 franchised outlets in Manila by January 2016. There will be a total of 3 franchised outlets in Manila by the end of 2016. In the next 3 years, Japan IPL Express aims to have between 25-30 stores throughout The Philippines and establish a strong presence in Malaysia and Indonesia.