Recognition - Franchise Executive of the Year

The Participant will be required to submit a proposal in accordance to the judging criteria listed below. Evaluation of the Participant will be based on the same criteria.

Franchise Executive of the Year

Component Weightage (%)
1. Education 10
2. Development Contributions 20
3. Franchise Operations 40
4. Franchise Relations 30

1. Education

Have you attended any courses to learn and acquire skills and knowledge pertaining to the franchising industry? Please provide further elaboration and its supporting documents.

2. Development Contributions

Elaborate on your contributions to the development of the company’s franchise system (including the launch of franchise system).

3. Franchise Operations

How was the company’s franchise system successfully managed and developed? Were there recruitment of new franchisees during your tenure with the company? Explain how you managed to help the company in its franchise growth during this same period.

4. Franchise Relations

How frequent do you communicate with franchisees to address their concerns? Were there recommended actions taken? Do provide testimonials from franchisees to support the above questions.