Seoul Garden

International Franchisor Of The Year

Seoul Garden is a restaurant steeped in history dating back to 1983. It is a household restaurant brand known for its2-in-1 self-serving Korean-stylebarbeque buffet, delicious marinated meats, hygienic environment, good customer serviceand value for money.

Popular with millennials, young adults and families, Seoul Garden is the ‘go-to’ dining destination for celebrations or gatherings. Dining at Seoul Garden engenders a communal dining experience where its customers grow affably with the brand.It offers a funand unique “cooking is entertainment”where customerscook their own food with their friends, family and loved ones to build bonds while enjoying their meal.

With the success of its franchise operation in Medan,Indonesia in 2004, Seoul Garden Group Pte Ltd, continues to actively pursue franchising regionally. It recognisesmany untapped opportunities within the region such as countries with a high Muslim population as Seoul Garden is a Halal-certified Korean BBQ restaurant.

While Seoul Garden has franchises in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. There are still “Seoul” many markets that have yet to experience its unique dining experience and Seoul Garden will continue to use franchising to fuel its business growth and to bring Seoul Garden to the region.