Speech Academy Asia

Franchisor Of The Year

Speech Academy Asia was founded in 2012 with a mission to equip and build up public speaking skills in every child by building up their self-confidence.

During their founding years, a paradigm shift in the Ministry of Education’s focus to one that emphasises more on emotional intelligence (EQ) ties in perfectly with the curriculum offering of Speech Academy Asia, where they are one of the first in the market to have such programmes. As a result, business grew and with aggressive advertising efforts, Speech Academy Asia built up their position as the market leader in public speaking programmes.

Seeing potential in the programme, there were strong interests from investors. Speech Academy Asia then ventured into franchising where many of their franchisees were from within the region. This led to a fast build-up of their franchising arm business.

As of 2018, Speech Academy Asia is present in 3 countries with a total of 9 franchisees.